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RAP (Restore America Project)

FINALLY! Someone else that can see through RAP/TRAP's Bull-Shit!
I'm not in complete agreement with this man, because I have NO use
for the RAP/TRAP BULLSHIT anyway. But at least there is someone
else out there that is not afraid to speak up, that is watching and
praying, and that is not totally brain dead and blindly following a
FALSE "PROFIT".. (and yes, I spelled that correctly)! I did
NOT write the article below, but I couldn't have done much better
myself, except maybe with the spelling and grammar... (emphasis and
highlights in the article below are MINE).

Article below copied from;

Sunday, July 25, 2010
A TT observation and commentary

Rec'd from a reader ----This Blog Will Support Free Speech!

Dear Mr. Machaffie,

I am not sure if you are one of the White Knights but I have to say
something about this entire connection with RAP.

I have been on the Nesara list for a long time now so I watch the

I have also given my volunteer services for more then 25yrs into
ministries, advocacy for mothers, teens, young adults and homeless.
I have helped and taken into my own home more then 20 young adults.
I organize court watches, help people with court matters and visit
at the jails. I probably know more about legal abuse syndrome,
PTSS, every aspect of ever issue that comes and goes in and out of
the courts from Family/CPS to IRS. My own family has had their own
fill of all of this, a lose/death of a grandson in Oct 2009 by
force vaccines, a first time arrest of my youngest son 24 hrs after
my starting a homeless youth program with "community not government
support, and even now a lawsuit with no due process by extortion
that can literally end in a Lien to my home.
Justice, and due process has always been my focus. God, has always
provided for me and for my family through everything. I never lived
beyond my means even single parenting 5 kids. Supply of needs is in
abundance it is our own misconception that we are running
out.......or don't have enough. You seeby example of people from
the depression how they hoard things because of past fears. There
is also this collective mind-set that works two ways as we see with
the political parties----- --this is the same with RAP and the
County Assemblies who had a mission, who were to support and
defense-we the people- and seek the due process and justice which
has been removed from the people.

But what no one is seeing and I believe this is due to well
orchestrated propaganda within the covert veil of the patriot
movement ( which is always about the $$$$ almighty dollar) is this
same greed and need concept that took over what would have and
could still be a solution for the people. Unfortunately it now
holds a tainted name, a vile and darkness and will never be the
same. They raped their fellow jurors for their own secret needs and
agenda using this mission as their covering. As Tim, said," all
they needed in the beginning to get the military approval were
signatures, we just needed warm bodies". The rest was a Pinkie and
the Brain.

I am writing in complete honest and sincere duress of this matter
and how it has hurt so many people and delayed so much good that
should have happened by now all because of greed and need for power
and control.
It needs to be clear that the division is serious and people need
to understand the spirit behind it and between what I call Tim
Turner SPC people- someone called them Timinite,
No, Tim Turner is not the Messiah, a prophet, not in line with the
Mayan calendar to be Mr. President, he was a FEMA OPERATIVE,
SUPERVISOR, homeland security which also has CIA training. He ran a
prison, he has had a life time as a business man seeking fame,
recognition and money) not being a family man, a father, a preacher
as he comes off to be but he is not......... ......he is a master of
manipulation with the double speak, dialectic.
His two fold fake Christianity, southern charm can only be seen for
the truth through a trained eye to his body language, his eye
movements while he speaks, his stories he tells. He seems to be
another Obama. Pathological. Self-absorbed in his profile, and the
attention people give him, the radio shows, the photos, etc. He has
at least 5 radio programs run or owned by people he assigned as
coordinators, every SPC seminar ended within a week of having
bonding parties and people selected through this process as loyal's
of Turner behave like cultists-embracing the strawman-embracing the
counterfeit government-the corporation. ......."by acknowledgement
of knowledge and signed agreement".
Entire Juries were cut off of communicate if they did not meet the
SPC standards of brainwashing and OBEDIENCE.

The scarcest thing about this and these others involvement in grand
juries which has NOTHING TO DO WITH BUSINESS, SPC or any money
making which is also actually a form of grand jury tampering juries
do not obey outside entities, they do not get in it waiting for
business deals, their homes paid off or anything else, they are to
be on it for justice and due process of the people...... ..not

( countless times in public) Tim has spoken out of content of the
discussion at hand and went into things like, how to "pop" people,
shoot them on the spot, like a drug dealer, but then turn to the
republic folks and say, WE NEED FORGIVENESS ( of the de facto
agents) then a minute later he is on a sound box with New World
Order talk ( listen to Rod and Carl: AIB RADIO JULY 20TH, 2010)
9th wave, 5th elements, spirit guides, so which is he ? Another
Rick Warren ? Who is the author of confusion ?
You see I believe if you believe in a religion, a concept, a
spiritual belief, you're a Satanist, ( which actually believe in
Jesus Christ ) an atheist, or whatever, say what you are but this
is a man ( Tim Turner and his sheeple followers) is what ( you )
want him to be.

This was months of well planned strategy to bring this evilness to
fruitation. On Rod Class, 20th tape he says, " RAP went to great
lengths ( you bet they did and not the good people) to pick out the
very best ......RAP, was to establish grand juries, help them but
they were to be independent of RAP. Not even the defacto grand
juries are to be messed with or dictated even by the president.

And the worst is to see people who follow in blind faith and
can justify harming their own jury members, having no remorse to
their behavior, their hidden secrets, lies, and complete lack of
ethics and many daring to call themselves Christians ( or perhaps,
this name is like RAP, "Tainted by counterfeits" .

People ( good, moral, ethical, thinking independent ) who were
selectively pushed aside through lack of integrity, threats,
intimidation, manipulation, lies and more lies.....secret meetings,
calls, blocking on the RAP calls.
We do not even know how many original signers did not vote at all
due to these tactics of deception. If you could have hurt the vile
remarks to Tom Shaults out of the mouths of people like the Alaska
ones who I know, voted no, tossed their nasty coordinators out
mouths ago because of their manipulative behavior and yet who
brought them back behind the scene, Tim and his group....... ...and
they were the only ones unblocked to speak on a call and lied about
their voting. 11 souls in Oregon were and have been completely
isolated out of their RAP jury and did not vote and more then 140
in another entire one and then another entire jury in CA and on and
on.......... ......
Additionally and methodically these were also being worked on
through Tim and the county assembles which many of them ( 60%
RAP-TIMMERS) are the SPC taking over all of it behind the backs the
rest of them

So they sowed dissension even in the assemblies and why
...........greed, money power, position.

Think of the sheer arrogance of these people claiming positions
with people who cant even tie their own shoes, let alone begin to
take power positions to add have no regard for the common people.

This is worse than the de facto....... ..... I think
there needs to be a safe place for people to come forward
concerning all of this........ .......the 1300 original signers need
to be roll called for where they are ( some people are saying they
have not seen or heard from many of these jurors ..why ?) How does
an organization banish its own loathed jurors, block them from
communication and call this fair ? Why does Rod Class of the
assemblies ( taping 14) need $15,000 for training the coordinators
on the grand juries ? plus $5,000 each for him and Carl and then
$5,000 to rent a house if they are in full belief that Tim has gold
, he is rich and he has all the money?

And what does a business deal, money and SPC have to do with grand
juries duties to the people?

The evidence is everywhere,. it is in the webs, the audios even Sam
Kennedy said all of this was happening and he was cut
off......... .Tim Turner said in PDX not two months ago when asked
about Sam ( some 30 witnesses including me) that : " Oh Sam, my man
( my man ??) asked me if I wanted him "taken out", I said, no, we
better not, we will just leave him alone....... ...."

Everywhere Tim talks he talks like this and then he will speak of
peace like the anti christ...... ......... .

Here is another one of Tims remakrs, " you pull them over and he
is a drug dealer, and get him out of the car, and ( Tim makes a gun
out of his hand) and shoots, "pop" right in the
head........ ....that' s how you take care of that........ ...
some freaked out man said, " That is a bit violent, I thought you
advocated forgiveness, ( of defacto agents, yes)
but Tim tells him, ""well, in the republic things will be tough,
and we need to realize that........ ......)
Really like bringing in the UN, INTERNATIONAL COURTS THROUGH
It is really time for straight honesty...but I do not think these
people are capable of knowing what that means.

Money is the root of all evil if NESARA wants money for the good of
the people it can not come from evilness and self greed brought
through harm and lies. True Abundance does not come like that, in
fact it will cause more harm in the long run. If you don't believe
in biblical quotes then I can put it this way, This sort of Karma,
is a Bitch !!


I am happy to speak with you or others anytime about all of this.

"The Restore America Plan"

In my opinion
posted 02-10-2010 -- last updated 04-02-2010
April 13, 2010
"We the People" and "the posterity"

For those of you that have not read the article, found on my
, please do so. This is one of the most
enlightening and important documents I have ever read. It was,
supposedly, written by a judge of 12 years, and he has some
interesting things to say about the Constitution, and WHY it was
REALLY written in the first place, that you may not have
considered. It may surprise you to learn what is really going
on, and that you are NOT a party to ANY constitution OR
declaration of the U.S. or u.S A.

Excerpt from that document:
"THE motive of our Founding Fathers was totally
self-centered. It was their personal greed that inspired them to
accept the task of writing the Constitution of the United States
and not patriotism! In actuality, the United States is not a land
or a place: `It is a corporation, a legal fiction that
existed well before the Revolutionary War.' [See: Republica
v. Sween, 1 Dallas 43 and 28 U. S. C. 3002 (15)].

The Constitution of the United
States was
written in secret
by the Founding
Fathers and
was never presented
to the Colonists
for a vote.
Surely, any document
as important as
this demanded the
approval of the
people it governed!
Well, it wasn't
presented for a
vote because the
Constitution wasn't created
for "We the
People," it was
created by and
for the Founding
Fathers, their family,
heirs and
their posterity! The Constitution is a business
plan and any
reference contained within
it that appears
to be the
safeguard of a `Right'
is there because
none of the
Founding Fathers trusted
each other. The
safeguards were intended
to prevent any
one or group
of them from
cutting out the
others! Proving that;
"There's no honor
among thieves!"

(emphasis mine)

Your remedy is NOT in the Constitution or someone else's Declaration,
nor is it in the restoring of America or the American republics.

Below is the opening paragraph of "The Restore America Plan"
Declaration. Pay CLOSE attention to THEIR words, and compare with the
similarities of the founding fathers words in THEIR documents.

"The unanimous Declaration of the sovereign People of the
united States of America to restore and reinhabit the free
American republics the People inhabiting the North American
continent, free men and women convened under God, having been
granted by the Creator dominion over all the earth,
to restore the blessings of liberty for ourselves and the
posterity, do hereby invoke our sacred right to alter or
abolish destructive government as memorialized in The unanimous
Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, c. 1776 by
declaring herewith this solemn declaration to the people of the
earth and all governments and nations derived there from.

(emphasis mine)

If you don't KNOW the truth about the Constitution (of OR for) the
united States, OR WHO the "we the People" and "the posterity" actually
are, Here is a good place to start doing some research of your OWN.

Padelford, Fay & Co. vs. The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of
14 Georgia 438, 520 which states:

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in
court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution, the
it is true, is a compact but he
is not a party to it."

And MOST, (probably ALL), of you reading this are also, NOT A PARTY TO
IT. You are NOT one of "we the People", and you are NOT the posterity.
The posterity, themselves, KNOW who they are!

(A lot of folks have been asking about this man and the
teaching about DTC. The letters below are emails that I have
received about this apparent fraud. The second one is about
what happened at the TK Dallas seminar June 2009. I
personally know people that actually attended that meeting...
and they confirm that THAT story IS true. Please
use your own "common sense" in making any determinations
about this information) .

To hear Sam Kennedy's story about PTK, please
download his radio program from August 2nd here:
1st hour -

2nd hour -\-2.mp3

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