Monday, October 4, 2010

CEO of German Software Co. an Israeli / Iraqi Jew

Shai Agassi;
Former CEO of SAP;

Just thought this was a curious fact, since the US Military and the CIA are reporting that, through their interrogations of a "German Islamic terrorist" captured in Afghanistan,,....they have learned about a plan for attacks on "soft" targets in "un-disclosed" places thorought Europe. Just thought I'd balance the picture a little by reminding you that we DO have Israeli Operatives also with footholds in Germany. Just somemore food for thought. At least our minds will never starve to death with so much info going around. Do your homework. Research. Sort it all out and draw your own conclusions.The information is "out there" so do not but your blind faith and/or trust in anyone. THINK for Yourselves Americans. It is THE Patriotic thing to do!

Other Israeli / Iraqi Jews;

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